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GRIN-CH Green IT Node


GRIN-CH - Green IT node - project aims at identifying competences and skills for Green Jobs and mapping them with EQF/eCF in accordance with market needs. As a result, GRIN-CH will develop European specialist profiles that are in compliance with the principles of the European metaframeworks EQF/e-CF and ECVET as well as guidelines for developing/setting-up further vocational training measures for Green Jobs. The expected impact will allow for comparable skills sets for these professions of the future which supports the European labour market and tus, the employability of professionals while at the same time contributing to one of the major challenges of Europe 2020.

The GRIN-CH Project will address the shortage of skilled professionals in the Green IT field, a shortage that is due to its recent emergence. It will analyse the market needs, the existing trainings available for the different components and competences, and define a professional standard in the participating European countries. To make qualifications and profiles more transparent, it will refer the identified skills and competences - EQF and e-Competences Framework- e-CF. This approach leads to a better transparency and recognition of learning outcomes and qualifications through a transparent and adapted to market needs professional model. As a consequence, employment of professionals and their mobility across Europe will be reinforced. Training organisations will be advised on the content and skills that should be trained in the field of Green IT.


P0 Switzerland SwissMedia Association Applicant

P1 Germany Euproma GmbH Coordinator

P2 France MPS-Maison de la Promotion Sociale Partner

P3 UK EMF - European Multimedia Forum Partner

P4 Italy CIAPE-Centro Italiano per l'Apprendimento Permanente Partner

P5 Sweeden EMMERCE - Partner

P6 Belgium ADJUGO Partner

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Le projet est terminé 

GRIN-CH Green IT Node

Le projet est terminé.



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