Smart Energy and Sustainable ICT conférence



Brussels / Bruxelles
The Square, Coudenberg 3,1000 Bruxelles, Belgium


3 et 4 juin 2012








The European Commission is organising a conference on sustainable ICT, smart grids and smart cities. The two-day conference will be opened by Vice-President Kroes and Commissioner Oettinger. It will bring together policy makers and stakeholders such as telecom companies, energy providers, regulators and consumer organisations. It will provide a platform for discussing the challenges of deploying smart grids, be they technical, regulatory, financial or linked to public acceptance. The conference will investigate how ICT can make our cities greener by an exchange of best practices. It will also touch upon the important issue of how to deliver transparent metrics around the positive contribution of ICT to solving our energy and climate problems.

Who will attend the event?

The event is open to the public at large. The target audience includes: the ICT and energy sectors; other industries (incl. construction and transport sectors); national, regional and local authorities; consumer organisations and NGOs; MEPs.

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Background information

As the number of seats in the meeting rooms is limited, the Commission reserves the right to limit the number of registrations to the seats available.

Your registration to the event will only be complete once you receive a confirmation email.


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